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Social media is more than just cats falling off walls. Chances are, YOU have a social media account with Facebook, Twitter, perhaps Linked In, Snapchat and any number of others. If you use social media then people like you also use social media. We make sure that your Corporate Social Media says the right things about you. It’s a great way to get your message across and it can be very useful for finding new clients at a reasonable cost.

Our team will connect your website to your social media so that your social media carries yoru branding and interacts with your website. When you post on your social media, it automatically posts and updates onto your website. This keeps your site active and will prevent it from going stale which means that it is always being revised by Google and will improve your rankings. As you write a blog on your site, it will post it to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc. All with professional branding. Your message is distributed clearly and effectively across all media at once.

If you want run PPC on your social media, you can target people to see your messages. We can produce content for this “content marketing,” if you need us to at highly competitive rates. It can be highly effective if executed carefully.

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